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Updated 3mm tear offs!

May 12, 2022 1 min read

As we constantly try to improve the product and make it even better for you we have recently revised our regular tear offs.

Prior to the update our tear offs were 2mm thick which was needed to maintain optical clarity. Few companies out can match our ability to stack 4-5 regular tear offs and still have clear vision. The issue however, came from the durability of the 2mm tear offs. With them being so thin they crinkled easily and were harder to pull while riding because they would lay against the goggle strap.

With our new updated 3mm tear offs you will still have the same level of clarity but with some added toughness. These are also easier to find when you need to pull them, especially if you put a little crease in them once they are loaded.


How to quickly know if you have 2mm or 3mm tear offs... If your tear offs have a thick paper in the middle you have 2mm. If there is tissue paper in between the tear offs then you have the new 3mm. Every tear off that leaves the Onium shop is now 3mm, however some of our trackside vendors might still be phasing out our 2mm.

Be on the look out for a tear application/instructional video soon. This will detail how we like to load our tear offs.

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