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Behind the Gate #1: Aric and Brian Enciso

June 11, 2021 3 min read

In the first edition of “Behind the Gate” we are going to focus on two brothers determined to make it to Mammoth and earn their bear. What started as a joke has turned into a social media following and even landed them on the Whiskey Throttle Podcast. And top it all off they have been a part of the Ethos fam since our goggles launched in June 2020.

Name – Aric and Brian Enciso

Bike Number – Aric #217, Brian #217

Bike currently riding –

Aric 2020 FC450, Brian KTM 450SXF

Nickname –  

Aric – Captain Slow

Brian – My friends call me Brian

Instagram - @aricandbriandomammoth


EthosHow long have you guys been riding and when did you start racing –

AricStarted when I was 4 on a PW50. Then on and off until I was 16 when I started racing at old LACR. Had to quit when I was 20 cause I had my daughter but then Brian moved to Texas in 2014 and brought his RMZ-450. I started it once and was on Craigslist that night buying a bike!

BrianStarted with a Pw50 like every kid.  Didn’t start racing till I was like 11 on a yz80 at LACR.  Quit riding when I was 17 then got back into it when I was 27.


EthosWhere’s your favorite place to ride?

AricRiver Valley. Thanks to Nico, Dave, Bailey and Brynlee!

BrianRiver Valley in beautiful Boyd Texas


EthosWhat accomplishment are you most proud of –

AricI cleared a jump once and didn’t scream like a Girl Scout with a scraped knee.

Brian1993 Leona Valley Elementary Dunk Champion


EthosAnything unique or interesting you want to share about yourself –

AricI’m a way better musician that a motorcycle rider but Brian won’t sing back up for me.

BrianI once got into fifth gear on a 450


EthosWhat are your guys goals for 2021 and beyond –

AricKeep having fun! 

BrianWin a Bear at Mammoth.


EthosWho do you look up to and why –

Aric I would say Brian but he’s a short little turd. I do like Ryan Hughes. He has a great attitude about the sport. I’ve always liked Jeff Emig also.

BrianMy older brother Aric and my wife Grace.  Since I am only 5’6” and they are 6’3” and 6’1”. 


EthosIs there a motto you live by –

Aric“Everybody Wang Chung tonight “

BrianSurely everybody didn’t Wang Chung that night.


EthosWho do you guys want to Shoutout–

AricMom and dad. My daughters Jenna, Lex and Pnut. Brian of course. Fasthouse, Hair by Cristin for keeping us silky smooth, Cycle center of Denton, holeshot coffee, Vibes Decals, Vital Ink Tattoo. Nico, Bailey and Dave from River Valley MX. My girlfriend Cristin for telling me I’m fast even though I’m getting lapped. Of course everyone at Ethos!!! 

BrianEveryone at Ethos!  Bailey, Nico, and Dave at River Valley Motocross and Vibes Decals.  Jason, Billy, Cris, and Evan at Cycle Center of Denton.  Tom at Vital Ink Tattoo.  Mikey at Fasthouse.  Mom, Dad, and my wife Grace.


After reading this short interview with them we hope you can tell that their vibe matches that of Ethos… Lighthearted, love moto and just want to have a good time. We just hope that this year Aric can save the fun for after his Mammoth motos 😊

Be sure to follow them and be a part of their journey!


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