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Behind the Gate #2: Lily Davis

June 18, 2021 2 min read 2 Comments

For Volume two we decided to take a look at one of our mini rippers in the Ethos fam. This one has her goals set high and is ready take on anything in her way. Her love for moto and no quit attitude has captured the attention of some of the sports biggest stars. She is going to be a force in the moto world.


Name –  Lily Ann Davis   (7)

Bike Number –  822

Bike currently riding –  2019 Cobra 50 FWE / 2020 KTM 65

Nickname –  Lily Bug

Instagram handle –  @lilydavisracing_822  

Ethos How long have you been riding and when did you start racing – 

Lily I started riding at 4 (Jan. 2019) and my first race was at Prairie City arenacross.

Ethos Favorite place to ride – 

Lily Argyll Mx (locally) Washougal is my favorite National Track that I have ridden so far.

Ethos What accomplishment are you most proud of – 

Lily This one I would have to say is.......hitting a freestyle ramp for the first time! 

Ethos Anything unique or interesting you want to share about yourself – 

Lily I am a straight A student that loves math. I like to sew with grandma. I am pretty good at softball. 

Ethos Goals for 2021 and beyond – 

Lily Well for 2021, I would say to get top 5 at Top Gun Challenge this year at Washougal.  And I want to race a supercross race in the night show one day! Maybe some freestyle tricks with the Dirtbike kidz Crew! 

Ethos Who do you look up to and why – 

Lily I look up to Vicki Golden like no other, because she is very helpful, and she is a girl that competes with the boys (and wins) . 

Ethos Motto you live by – 

Lily Daddy’s 2 rules: 1)HAVE FUN!!  2)Haul A$$ (dunno if i can say that)

Ethos Shoutouts (family, friends, sponsors) – 

Lily Mom & Dad, Vicki Golden, Ethos Vision,  Fasthouse, Dirtbike kidz, Bell helmets, Protaper, NorCal Cobra, SDG innovations, Baja jerky, Dellacrew Clothing, Olmy Creations, CP racing, DRS suspension, Atlas engineering, Grass Ranch, Fastash Training, Dunlop, Tyler and Taylor Freymond.


Lily has a genuine passion for being on a motorcycle. From the first time we met her you could tell that this is a part of her. When she says that she wants to race in the night show at Supercross she means it! Give this girl a follow so you can say “I knew her when…”

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November 28, 2022

thats ME! but we need to update it lol

 Della Bresina
Della Bresina

July 19, 2021

Gigi and gpa…. Love you Lily Bug and we will see you soon

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