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Behind the Gate #4: Maycie Schroeder

July 23, 2021 2 min read 1 Comment

Volume 4 takes us back to the mini scene. This little one always has a handful of throttle. We first saw her racing at a Summer Sundays race and could immediately tell that she has the speed. Keep scrolling to learn a little more about Maycie!

Moto Maycie and her momMoto Maycie ripping a turn

Name – Maycie Schroeder

Bike Number – 26 

Bike currently riding – gasgas MC50

Nickname – Moto Maycie 

Instagram handle – motomaycie26

Ethos How long have you been riding and when did you start racing –

Maycie started riding and racing at 3

Ethos Favorite place to ride – 

Maycie the trails at papas cabin 

Ethos What accomplishment are you most proud of – 

Maycie Winning an AMA #1 plate @ the 2020 RVMXcup in the pouring rain

Ethos Anything unique or interesting you want to share about yourself –

Maycie qualified for lorettas as a 5year old and the only girl to attend on a cobra motorcycle 2019

Ethos Goals for 2021 and beyond – 

Maycie keep crushing goals & having a good time

Ethos Who do you look up to and why – 

Maycie My Dad. Hes the best person i know.

Ethos Motto you live by –

Maycie When in  Doubt throttle out.

Ethos Anyone you want to shoutout –

Maycie Mom and Dad for everything.

Team work makes the dream work appreciate my team🤘


Daddys wallet, Morello farming,
Papa mark, Antonios quick lunch, DRS Suspension, twist it sisters, Lamson Motorsports, Cp racing. & all our friends who have become family.
* Hopefully this gives you a little insight into who this mini ripper is. She has no fear and is ready to bang bars with any of the boys on the track. To be the only girl on a Cobra 50 at Loretta's shows that. If you ever see her at the track ask her what her goal is... She'll look you in the face and say "work hard and get back to Loretta's".
Few kids have that mindset. She's a winner.

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Christele DeVillanueva
Christele DeVillanueva

July 27, 2021

Way to go Maycie you can do anything Daddy pocket book will allow!!!!

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