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Behind the Gate #8: Bensyn LeVan

November 10, 2022 2 min read 1 Comment

Another BTG feature and another national talent! Bensyn joined our team earlier this year and has represented the brand extremely well everywhere he goes. We got the chance to hang out with his family this year at Loretta's as well. He has a great program from top to bottom and his family is backing him all the way!

Name – Bensyn LeVan

Bike Number – 337

Bike currently riding – Cobra FWE & Gas Gas MC65

Nickname –  B$

Instagram handle –  @bensyn337 

How long have you been riding and when did you start racing – I have been riding since I was 5 years old, so roughly 4 years

Favorite place to ride – my favorite place to ride is Sunshine MX in Florida, Rob always provides a great facility for us to ride during the winter months.  

What accomplishment are you most proud of – Honestly, my biggest accomplishment is Testing within the top 5% of Ohio for the 2nd grade. Im not only decent on a dirt bike but pretty smart too. My parents always tell me how important school is so I think on top of training, traveling, and yes missing school. Its always huge to have such good grades and be active in my community. 

  • But if we are talking dirt bike accomplishments, Still hold winning the KTM junior challenge in epic style one of my proud moments in racing.  

What is your favorite non-moto activity - I love to play basketball when I am not riding. & beach vacations with mom and dad.

Goals for 2022 and beyond – Goals for 2022 is to keep grinding, to get better on my 65 and qualify for Loretta's in both 65 7-9 classes. 

Who do you look up to and why - Mom & dad, They have given up so much to make it possible for me to train, have new bikes, and travel across the US. Even on my bad days they still support me to make me better on and off the track.  

Motto you live by - Not a motto but -  to always have fun.  

Shoutouts (family, friends, sponsors) – Onium - of course! Champion Wash LLC, Champion Equipment Rental, Senge Graphics, NGK Spark plugs, Slowmotion Motorsports, Late Apex powder coating, FX racing inc., Dukes Well service, Birts Racing, Carolina Cobra Connection, Happy Homes w/ Melissa, MD Callahan, Iron City Sports Bar, Majestic Plastics, Woodruff and sons lawn care, wood Travel & Patriots Attic. (lots of local love here)

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James Harsha
James Harsha

November 28, 2022

He’s a good kid

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